Hi I am Tara! Welcome to my little piece of the Universe! These are a few of the facets that make me shine!

About Me: I am a Spiritual, Scientist, Engineer, Gourmand, Gardener, Voracious Reader, Book Hoarder, Artist, Healer, Herbalist, and an Avid Collector of the absurd and not so absurd.

Here you can explore: Vintage Calculating devices, Kaleidoscopes, Fountain Pens, Books and Misc. things I find interesting. Eventually, I will be doing rebuilds and refurbishing  many of the items I collect,  as well as provide step by step information on how I did it.  I  will be including further information on vintage metals and plastics: the do’s and dont’s as you start to clean your newest find.

People collect items for many different reasons, for me, I feel joy not only to collect an item but also to understand it inside and out. If it is not working, hopefully get it back to working order ASAP.  My collection ( save for a few items that are fragile or rare) is one that  one I want people to experience, touch, look at and learn about. I find these things fascinating and joy provoking, I hope you will too! Feel free to ask questions or contact me for more information.