Here is my small typewriter collection. Most people stand in one of two camps: typewriter’s are cool and making a comeback or typewriter’s are outdated and a waste of time. I of course stand on the typewriter’s are cool side of the fence! For me they are nostalgic! The auditory and tactile feedback is lovely (much like the adding machines)!

Typewriters quickly became outdated when computers began taking over word processing in the 80’s and 90’s ( some say 70’s but in the late 80’s I still had a Typing 1 class and used my SCM until 1996 when I bought my first personal computer!)  The decline of the typewriter was much like the fate of slide rules and adding machines losing ground to the new computers.

Now you find people collecting typewriters, typing poetry or writing a novel for Nanowrimo, posting typed posts, selling typewritten posters on their websites and Etsy, having Type-ins and meeting with other Typewriter Types. There are hundreds of blogs out there on the joys of typewriters and repairing typewriters.


Marathon Teens Portable Hangeul Typewriter

Isn't this a beauty?! Korean Typewriter Circa 1980's.

Olympia Report Deluxe

Circa 1980's

Smith Corona Electra 220

Circa 1960- early 1970's. This model was the first type of Typewriter I owned as a child. Given to me by my Grandma Inga

Smith Corona Silent

Circa 1950's This was probably the very first Typewriter I touched as a child.
Grandpa Larry allowed my brother and I in his office when I was 4!