Links and Resources

Sites I find Interesting and helpful in my continued search for more information and ideas:

The Oughtred Society   -The Oughtred Society is a great site for information on how to begin collecting all things slide rule! Membership, conferences as well as their biannual journal! It also has member links to their pages!

International Slide Rule Museum   — More slide rule information collectors etc.

Nathan’s Site History of Computing   Private Collector and a wealth of information about  the items he collects.

Giovanni Breda  Private collector – details about his collections of slide rules and adding machines.

Slide Rule Simulator   – Just what the name implies!  All I have to say is WOW~ so cool! I am in love!

Hiram Abif’s artefact   –  Slide Rule Game! By the same creator of the Simulator Amazing! it is still in progress. But just another way to see how fun Slide rules can be!

Burroughs Adding Machine  Collectors Information about Burroughs: dating indexes, some great links.

Charles Babbage Institute MPLS MN – archives and research center dedicated to preserving the history of information technology and promoting and conducting research in the field.

Arithmomuseum  -Private collector of slide rules and calculators

Office Museum  Some great information on Adding devices and other office paraphernalia.

YouTube is always a great resource to learn to operate a new gadget you have found.